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Knowledge for Life - Nutrition

Knowledge For Life Nutrition focuses on improving function, through providing you with health information, based on the best scientific evidence available.

At KFL, our aim is to improve the way your body functions, which will then translate into overall improvement of health, vitality, and quality of life. We do this through helping you identify and access the best micro and macro nutrients from natural sources. These will help your body shift towards normal function and optimum health potential. All the information we use is influenced by biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, and the best published scientific evidence available. Whether for you, that means storage fat reduction; enhanced sporting performance or improving daily functional activities - all recommendations will be individually prepared based on your specific requirements and goals.

We will provide information to increase your nutritional knowledge base. This valuable tool can assist you in making informed and healthy food choices for you and your loved ones - long term.

Nat is available for appointments through our Hervey Bay Office.

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