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Ultimately, we’re here to partner with you to help improve your overall enjoyment of life.


Rather than only focusing on pain and symptoms, the Insight Scans (Thermal, Electromyography and Heart Rate Variability) give us a snapshot in time of how your nervous system is coping with your physical, chemical and emotional stresses, in addition to pain. They shed some light on the nerves that go to your muscles, organs, glands and blood vessels, as well as the resilience of your stress response. This gives a deeper understanding of your nervous system baseline, which can be periodically retested to objectively monitor your progress.


Continuing Professional Development has been something that we have always recognized as a priority - well before minimum annual requirements for the profession were introduced.

Falling behind the emerging scientific research and evidence, and ignoring the progressive trends of the profession, would be short-changing the people that come to see us. You expect the best from us, and we value that expectation highly.

With plans for future expansion of our team, our eventual hope is to re-open our Maryborough office again.


Our greatest pleasure and reward is the relationships we build with so many of our patients.

Being able to help someone with a symptom is nice, but to be regularly interacting with such positive, optimistic, active, health-conscious people is humbling and inspiring.  They are the ones that make it such a pleasure to come to work year after year.


Our Ideal clients to work with are those who:

>  Recognize that health is a journey which they are responsible for actively participating in.

>  Understand the importance of structure and function, nutrition, exercise and mental stress management all contribute to being healthy and well.

>  Accept that healing takes time and are committed to maintaining their health and wellbeing proactively.

>  Enjoy implementing a variety of strategies that can improve the way they move and feel, physically and emotionally, which can positively impact their overall enjoyment of life.

Our services are not suited to those who:

>  Fail to follow recommendations.

>  Have unrealistic expectations in relation to wellness improvement timeframes, e.g. expecting a one-off visit for chronic pain should ‘fix’ the issue.

>  Are not prepared to invest in their overall health and wellbeing.  We don’t just mean financially; we’re talking about investing time, commitment, energy and focus on strategies that can improve the way they move and feel, physically and emotionally, which can positively impact their overall enjoyment of life.

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Andrew Harwood
(B.Sc, M.Chiro)



Elle Clapa

(B.Sc.(Chiro), M.Clin.Chiro)



Nat Harwood




Scanning Technician and Chiropractic Assistant



Chiropractic Assistant



Scanning Technician and Chiropractic Assistant

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